Grey Matter

The Image of blackness under the white gaze

This Book seeks to explore, question, dismantle and understand my own black identity from personal, local and global perspectives. I address this issue through emotional, conceptual and visual experiences, thus renouncing the same duplication of pre-determined identities or experiences that are forced upon me as a "black subject" in a white space.
The book examines how white spaces perceive and manage the pool of images, assumptions and fantasies about people with black skin, and at the same time the destructive meaning this has on the black body, due to the coercion of said pool on it and the deprivation of the possibility of forming independence, identity and an unbiased self-perception.


Final Bachelor’s project

Recieved The Sandberg Prize for unique achievements in the field of design
Commendation of the Meissler Award for Outstanding Design
The Department of Visual Communication at Bezalel Academy